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how to fix uneven shoulders scoliosis?

How To Fix Uneven Shoulders Scoliosis? – Fitoont

Uneven shoulders due to scoliosis are a relatively common problem, and everyone will develop some shoulder imbalance to some degree. So read this scientific article to know how to fix uneven shoulders scoliosis? However, moderate to severe uneven shoulders scoliosis may affect our physical health, causing physical pain and spinal dysfunction. At this time, we…

scoliosis myths

11 Scoliosis Myths and Facts You Should Know – Fitoont

Does everyone have scoliosis? Will fitness and yoga make the spine deform? Can Scoliosis Be Prevented? This article cracks 12 scoliosis myths and helps you identify potential threats. Scoliosis myth 1: Everyone has scoliosis, no one has a straight spine? People often have the myth that everyone has scoliosis and that no one has a straight spine. Not really,…

Can physical therapy help with scoliosis

Can Physical Therapy Help with Scoliosis? – Fitoont

If you come here, you almost certainly have scoliosis or know someone who has. And you want to know “can physical therapy help with scoliosis?” Physical therapy plays an important role in: Treating scoliosis. Evaluating and developing a treatment plan. Applying specific exercises for each case. Therefore, if you have scoliosis or know someone who…