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Lift Weights To Burn Fat – Fitoont

Let’s be realistic. Sure, you can cut your calories in half, or spend the morning or night doing cardio to lose a few pounds, but I can promise you that both won’t last or give you a healthy, functional body. It has long been believed that strength training, such as lift weights to burn fat, is …

pyramidalis muscle, anatomy, lose weight

Pyramidalis Muscle – Fitoont

The Pyramidalis Muscle or also called Piriformis is a flat that is located on each side of the sacrum and extends to the upper part of the femur. Then it has functions related to the movement of the hip, so the appearance of Piriformis syndrome generates inconvenience and pain in this area. It is also triangular in shape …

esanjeevani telemidicine help in lose belly fat

ESanjeevani Telemedicine Help In Lose Belly Fat – Fitoont

At the start of 2021, the telemedicine eSanjeevani services brought in about 10 thousand tele-consultations to lose belly fat. eSanjeevani is the Federal Ministry of Health platform that provides telemedicine to lose belly fat. (Source) There are two components to the remote counseling services – eSanjeevani and eSanjeevaniOPD. We will talk about this service, and …