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Hey guys, if your big dream is to have a tummy tuck, before and after surgery is one of your major doubts, right?

After all, seeing the before and after pictures of tummy tuck male results is essential to knowing if the procedure is right for you. Especially when dealing with a visible area such as the abdomen.

Hey guys, we know that all too well! There have been years of dealing with insecurities from not having a flat stomach, not being able to wear a camisole, bikini and hiding from all relationships for fear of what other people will think of your big belly.

Regardless of the tummy tuck attempts… until abdominal surgery is performed, and seeing the possibility of realizing this great dream.

“But are the results good? What if the surgery goes wrong?”

These concerns are more common than you think, but rest assured that we are here to help you reveal all about the outcome of your abdominal surgery!

We are Fitoont telehealth, an online clinic specialized in making the dreams of female and male come true and, today, we will help you find the tummy tuck before and after male.

How is the tummy tuck before and after male?

The tummy tuck before and after male is a flatter belly, without the excess skin that hinders movements and creates volume in the abdominal region and generates discomfort and insecurity in those who have a flabby tummy. With the surgery, the patient has more confidence and self-esteem to show his belly.

Of course, the transformation that the result of the tummy tuck brings is very visible, after all, the extra skin that used to cause volume is no longer there.

But the result goes far beyond the physical, because in some cases flaccid skin causes various annoyances, such as diaper rash, bad smell, candidiasis and body aches due to the weight of carrying them.

Therefore, belly surgery removes these unpleasant symptoms and improves the patient’s quality of life.

Outside, of course, the most expressive transformation is the internal one.

Even because excess skin, in addition to bothering in the physiological aspect, also generates shame when wearing the clothes you want, you feel prevented from going to the beach and wearing a bikini and also from having a more intimate relationship.

In other words, abdominoplasty transforms the lives of those who do it in different ways, karlona says.

The journalist, dad of twins, lost his flat belly and he was never the same. He who was always confident, is now ashamed to put on any tighter clothes.

And it was seeing the results of the famous who had the abdomen surgery that she came to see a solution to this torment.

Male celebrities who had a tummy tuck

Every man wants to be more strong and with self-esteem up there. This would be no different with celebrities.

In fact, they know that aesthetics make all the difference in their careers and, of course, emotionally. That’s why a lot of people have plastic surgery. Below you can check out some pictures of celebrities who have had a tummy tuck:

1. Funk FLex’s Tummy Tuck

funk flex tummy tuck before and after male
Funk Flex tummy tuck

Among the performers who underwent a tummy tuck, we have Funk Flex. The artist was famous for his fat body with his huge belly. He was uncomfortable with the appearance of his huge belly. So he decided to resort to abdominal surgery.

2. KANYE WEST: another male who did plastic surgery


KANYE WEST is one of the personalities who underwent a tummy tuck.

The American rapper, who was already adept at diets and physical exercises, decided to supplement the alteration.

Including plastic surgery on the abdomen, which surprised the same influencer. “The results passed,” she revealed in a social media post.

Where to find tummy tuck before and after male with real photos?

It is possible to find photos of ordinary people, before and after abdominoplasty, in groups and profiles of patients who underwent the procedure. The clinic, doctors and offices are not allowed to publish images of the results.

Some people loved seeing the abdominoplasty photos, before and after, of the patients. They was more motivated than ever and her heart was warm.

And he couldn’t wait to be able to do like them, show off his flat stomach. They wanted to take pictures, go to the beach, wear her short clothes.

But they also wanted to see before and after pictures of ordinary people’s tummy tucks. Ordinary people, like her.

They wanted to see real reports from people who had the procedure. And they also wanted to know what the scar looked like, something no artist showed.

Alternatively, they found some plastic surgery groups on Facebook. However, most groups were not clinics or surgeons.

There were people reporting experiences with the surgery, but there was no medical validation.

I wanted a place where, in addition to finding people like her, who were lost on the subject, they also had experts to answer their questions.

Something that could bring light to her and all the other males. The only group she encountered from an actual online clinic was that of Fitoont .

I was surprised to see the huge number of patients who were part of this group. It was an exclusive community for males, where they could exchange ideas, experiences and post their before and after surgery photos.

And indeed, it was there where she was finally able to see before and after pictures of tummy tucks with stretch marks, without stretch marks, of people who have lost a lot or a little weight.

Why can’t the clinic publish before and after male photos of the tummy tuck?

Clinics and offices, as well as doctors, cannot disclose the results of their patients, since, according to the Federal Council of Medicine, this is characterized as a promise of results, which is prohibited by Medical Ethics.

Generally, those who are outside the medical field find it strange not being able to disclose the photos of patients, but it is important to remember that, in addition to a promise of results, the disclosure of results also breaks the confidentiality between doctor and patient.

The photos that are taken inside the clinics aim – or at least they should aim – only to follow up the before and after of each patient.

It is even possible that, during the consultation, the doctor presents photos of previous results that were authorized by the patients, as a way of showing how the surgery can look.

But it’s important to remember

Before and after each person depends on several factors and it is impossible to be the same image that the person loved, because even with the best surgeon and complete infrastructure, it is still necessary to respect the boundaries of each patient. The body and pass the most decisive stage of the outcome, the postoperative period.

Will the result of the abdominoplasty look like the one in the photo?

The result of a tummy tuck, as with other cosmetic operations, will never be the same as in the pictures, because before and after the operation depends on several factors such as: body structure, physiological limitations and medical experience.

tummy tuck before and after male
Will the result of the abdominoplasty look like the one in the photo?

Don’t think your belly will look like the picture you found on the internet. The males believed that the pictures showed exactly what their stomachs would look like. It is important to keep in mind that these tummy tuck pictures, before and after, only serve as a reference for what we want.

There are a number of factors that influence the result, such as:

  • Patient weight before surgery.
  • Bone structure.
  • Accumulation of fat in the abdomen.
  • Number of centimeters that can be removed: this is one of the main factors that cause differences in the results of each patient. And we’ll explain it to you.
  • Pre and postoperative of the surgery: in addition to this moment, you need an experienced team to accompany you. The patient also needs to follow all medical recommendations.
  • Clinic: the more complete the structure, and the more experienced and prepared the medical team, the better for the patient’s surgery.

There are many clinics that claim to be good and have experienced doctors just for the money. But in the end you find out that you had an operation with an inexperienced doctor and your result was not what you expected.

But even with a whole team of surgeons, your tummy won’t crack. To achieve this after abdominal surgery, it is necessary to do a lot of physical exercises with a physiotherapist

Curious to know what the belly button looks like after abdominoplasty ? Click on the link and find out!

Up to how many centimeters can be reduced with the plastic surgery of the abdomen?

The amount of centimeters to be removed depends on the patient’s body structure. Therefore, the larger the skin, the more measurements will be made. The smaller, the fewer measurements will be eliminated.

tummy tuck before and after male

In addition to the physical characteristics of the patients, the reduction of measurements will also depend on the technique that will be used, as in the case of a tummy tuck, or a mini abdominoplasty, whether fat sculpting or silicone are used together.

Experts here recommend that males will have to lose some weight for the surgery.

This was because their body size was higher than expected for their body structure. In this way, if you do the operation now, and then lose more weight, they will lose the entire result.

This means that they will lose their stomachs now, but later, when they lose more weight, the sagging will return to the abdomen.

In such cases, it is common for the surgeon to recommend the patient to lose all the weight they want before surgery. Thus, all the sagging formed in the abdomen will be removed at once.

Without compromising the result and without the patient having to perform a touch or other procedure.

What influences the abdominoplasty before and after male?

Tummy tuck before and after male operation is affected by several factors, the most important of which are: physical limitations and preoperative care, the doctor and clinic experience and the care the patient will receive during the postoperative period.


But that’s not the only thing that affects patient outcomes, there is something that goes hand in hand with quality: safety.

Males think the ideal doctor is the one who has posted hundreds of results on social media and who has performed surgeries on famous people, and that will leave them shaky, because they paid a ridiculous amount for the surgery and she had no way of paying. But dear, there are more important aspects to consider.

Even because everyone who has had plastic surgery wants their results to be perfect, just like the famous…
But what’s the point of spending days flirting with other people’s results when you still don’t know what actually led to that seemingly good result?

Therefore, it is important to know that there are aspects that can change the entire outcome – and safety – of a process. Find out what they are now:

Experienced medical staff and clinic

My dear, you must be sure of one thing: practice leads to perfection. I know very well that betting on an experienced doctor is betting on the quality and safety of the operation, not least because if there is anything you are afraid of, he is putting your dream in the hands of unqualified people.

Abdominal surgery ranks highly among the most common surgeries performed in America. So, of course, many inexperienced doctors will want to take advantage of this to make money. Precisely to avoid falling into this trap, it is very important for the patient to take all the care in the world to check the doctor’s approach and clinic results.

But it is not only the curriculum that makes a good surgeon, experience is one of the keys to quality surgery. And see, experience doesn’t mean years and years of career, but the number of surgeries the doctor has performed that dictates a good history of results.

Result history

Remember we said that posting pictures of tummy tuck before and after male is forbidden? We know this is worrying for you and very sad because you will only see results from artists.

But it is not quite so, it is possible to find patients who post results in private plastic surgery groups on Facebook groups and on our site here

There are many groups on Facebook for more than 100,000 males who have already had surgery or are dreaming of plastic surgery. Every day they share their results and experiences!

This is the largest record of results in America and Britain, after all, no other clinic has succeeded in bringing together so many patients willing to share their results in one place.

Operate in hospitals

The only suitable environment for an operation is in a hospital with expertise in plastic surgery. This is because they have a complete structure for any overlap.

Complete post-operative support

Imagine if something happened during recovery? It’s scary, isn’t it? Rather, this is the most important stage of pre- and post-quality.

What if something happens and you call the clinic desperate only to hear that you “have to wait for your return”, or “the doctor can’t see you right now”.

That’s why finding a place where support is complete is essential, for example, good clinics have:

  • A whole team of specialized doctors to leave no patient behind.
  • The emergency and emergency center with its own nursing team.
  • Ombudsman to ensure that problems are resolved if they occur.

These are the basics of excellent healing after tummy tuck, but, unfortunately, many clinics do not follow them, even if they are necessary to obtain a good result.

What are the main care for a great tummy tuck before and after male?

The primary care that male patients should have to maintain a tummy tuck procedure is weight care. Once weight is gained or lost, the sagging can return and, therefore, a new surgery is required.

tummy tuck fat male
Maintaining the diet is essential.

Usually, you will see that many males make the mistake of continuing to eat incorrectly. This increases the chance of losing all achieved results.

After all, when he gains weight in the postoperative period, the body will change the obtained contour and modeling.

Surgeries are delicate procedures and therefore need to be taken care of. For the patient’s well-being and a satisfactory outcome of the surgery.

And the benefit of paying attention to this care is the joy of the patient who has finally fulfilled the dream without complications.

Although weight maintenance is important, precautions to be taken before and after surgery are essential.

What to do before the plastic surgery on the abdomen?

As with any surgical procedure, abdominal surgery requires some preoperative care:

  • Be within the weight determined by the doctor.
  • Carry out all tests requested during the consultation.
  • Avoid clotting drugs.
  • Do not smoke close to the day of surgery.
  • Cut out alcohol at least a week before the procedure.
  • Maintain a good diet and exercise.
  • Hydrate the skin well.
  • See an anesthesiologist.
To conquer the tummy tuck male, it is necessary to follow the preoperative recommendations
To conquer the tummy tuck, it is necessary to follow the preoperative recommendations

These are the main recommendations for tummy tuck recovery. They may seem like a lot of rules, but believe me, they are easy to follow.

Even more so when our goal is bigger than them: to fulfill a dream!

What are the main care for after abdominoplasty?

During recovery from surgery, you should NOT:

  • pick up weight
  • Perform physical activities
  • Walking upright (to avoid opening the stitches)
  • Do not wear the compression strap. In addition to speeding up your recovery. The belt is important to shape the abdomen.
  • Stop taking your medications until your doctor tells you to. Medications ensure that you do not feel pain after the procedure and also prevent infections.
  • Forgetting to do the Lymphatic Drainage sessions – massage helps recovery, reducing swelling, liquids and shapes the belly.

The postoperative period is considered a crucial moment for the success of plastic surgery. It will largely depend on you alone.

If you want a beautiful result, a flat and defined tummy, it is very important to take maximum precautions during this period.

You will need an excellent lymphatic drainage service.

In it, the drainage is carried out by an experienced physical therapist, who has access to advanced technological resources for a better and faster recovery.

The final result of the abdominal operation is observed 6 months after the operation. By following all the recommendations you will make your result successful.

Do you know that flat belly? That body you’d be proud to show off on the beach? You can beat! But how do I know if my result is developing correctly? Just take a step-by-step look at what we did below:

What is the recovery time for a tummy tuck?

With a tummy tuck, results will start to appear two months after the surgery. However, it will only be possible to check the final result of the surgery and the signs of healing and stretching one year after the surgery.

What are the results of abdominoplasty after 30 days?

After 30 days of abdominal plastic surgery, the patient will be able to walk straight, as there is no risk of scar and no pain. But it is still necessary to avoid gaining weight, because the cut is modern.

Having some bruising around the scar is not a cause for concern at this point, as the body is still recovering.

In this period it is still not possible to get a complete view of the result. Because the abdomen will still be slightly swollen due to fluid retention.

Several males share tummy tuck before and after images at different stages. And when he was less than a month old, they always warned that it was not possible to get the final vision.

What is the result of abdominoplasty after 2 months?

Two months after abdominal surgery, if everything is fine, the patient is already discharged. In appearance, there are no bruises in the abdomen, and the swelling has already decreased significantly. However, it is essential that the patient wears a compression net.

You should know that during this period, males begin to post pictures of their stomachs with a tummy tuck. Well, you can already get a view of how the result will look.

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How is the abdominoplasty 3 months later?

3 months after abdominal surgery, the body is already showing its final shape. The patient is now leading a normal life. This way, she can now perform physical therapy exercises normally, even those that are high-impact. The only limitation in the postoperative period for a tummy tuck is sunlight. The patient still cannot sunbathe on his stomach.

As the cut is not fully healed, there is a risk of darkening or being stained due to contact with the sun. After surgery, exposure to sunlight is only allowed after 1 year of surgery.

How is the belly with abdominoplasty after 6 months?

After 6 months of healing, the scar begins to open. The brand’s red color loses its intensity to become softer. However, it is essential that the patient maintains care with food and physical therapy exercises so as not to affect the outcome.

How is the tummy tuck belly after 1 year?

In one year of surgery we already have the final result. At this point, the body is quite defined. But, of course, only if the patient follows the recommended care with physical therapy after tummy tuck.

Best of all, the scar has already matured, is thinner and the color of the skin. Much less noticeable.

But it is important to note that recovery will depend a lot on each patient’s body. Each body may react differently to the procedure.

Learn how to overcome the scar with tummy tuck tattoo!

And remember: Do you want a result like this? This leaves your belly flat like a celebrity? So just follow all the recommendations we talked about:

  • Take care of yourself before and after surgery.
  • Choose a trusted site.
  • Check testimonials and results from other patients.
  • You have not had weight gain surgery.

If you do not follow this, there is a good chance that your result will go wrong. And we don’t want that, after all, it’s a change to bring happiness, not sadness.

It is important to remember that if the scar still does not reach the final color, you should not go out in the sun to prevent it from getting dark.

Where to have a tummy tuck in Dallas TX?

Now you know very well what goes into before and after a tummy tuck, and the importance of making sure your operation is of quality and safety, but there are still some things to check.


Price is an important factor in the decision to have surgery, but it should not be considered the only one, because the end result and safety of the operation are just as important – or even more important.

In addition, all clinics and offices are prohibited from disclosing the values ​​of promotions and surgery, because it is a decision of the Federal Board of Medicine.

It is also possible to find the average price for a tummy tuck, however, this value should be followed only as a basis, since it is necessary to undergo evaluation.

This is what the male must do to find the best prices and services.

  • View comments on Google.
  • Search on Facebook groups.
  • Communicate with friends who have had a tummy tuck.

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